As promised, I will discuss my ideas for dhampirs (human/vampire hybrids) in this post.

Needless to say at this point, dhampirs are the product of a male vampire having sexual intercourse with a female human. In the Twilight series, they are a rarity. This is because the vampire’s partner rarely survives the act of sex or, if she does survive, doesn’t survive the gestation of the baby. The former is because of the vampire’s superhuman strength and/or lack of self-control. The latter is because the baby destroys the mother from the inside out, from consuming the mother’s blood to breaking various bones. And, even if the mother manages to carry the baby to term (which is only possible after consuming a lot of blood herself), the baby will then tear its way out of the mother’s stomach, killing her in the process. As of Breaking Dawn, Bella is the only mother to have survived a dhampir’s birth.

Another thing worth noting is that dhampirs develop much faster than is normal in the Twilight universe. Elizabeth (my substitute name for Renesmee from an earlier post) grew inside Bella within a month of Bella having sex with Edward and was already aware by the time she was born. Even after that, she continued to grow at an alarming rate, enough so that the Cullens were worried that Elizabeth would have a short lifespan and die at age 15. Fortunately, however, that was not the case, as it was revealed by another dhampir by the name of Nahuel that dhampirs reach full maturity at age 7 and stop aging at that point. After that, they are immortal.

My proposal for dhampirs is to simply have them develop at a regular human pace (9 month pregnancy, natural births, the whole shebang). Other than that, everything stays the same (blush on pale skin from pumping blood, reduced strength compared to vampires, the ability to consume either blood or human food, etc.) Of course, their skin still needs to build a tolerance to sunlight, but it doesn’t take as long as it would take a full vampire. Nothing else, though.


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