James and Bella

The idea I have for this scene at the end of Twilight is a simple one. When Bella tries to run from James, instead of running after her right away, he watches and films his prey make an attempt to escape for Edward to see later on (because the seconds it would take Bella to get to the entrance to the building wouldn’t make much of a difference to him). This is simply to squeeze as much fun as possible into the endgame by letting his prey think she has a chance before dragging her back to finish her. However, before Bella can reach the door to the lobby, she trips and falls to the floor. Bella had told Edward earlier on that she falls down a lot when she runs and now we see it happening. Bella starts crawling to the door as fast as she can. James takes delight in what he’s seeing and continues filming Bella. Eventually, Bella gets to the door, opens it while looking back at James in fear and then surprise that’s he’s still standing in the same spot. Bella shakes her head and makes a break for the front door. James decides that’s far enough and immediately goes to grab Bella before she can actually get away like Alice did. James grabs her and drags poor Bella back to the east dance floor, where he proceeds to throw her into the mirrors and the scene proceeds as normal after that.


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